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Knight of glory and happiness

a spectacular operatic performance

“Knight of Glory Happiness" Opera Definition

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Motivation behind the idea

For every civilization, there are

artistic methods that stem from its heritage, traditions, and music, through

which its tale of triumphs is conveyed. If Qatar is to tell its story of achievements, it must do so through a masterpiece that combines profound substance and visual splendor. This should be within a framework that captures Qatar's distinctiveness while reflecting universal themes.

The characters in the operetta

  •    Knight (Fares)   
  •      Glory (Majd)     
  •      Mother     
  • The Four Knights
  •       Anwa'     
  •      Dakhil     
   Knight (Fares)   

Knight Fares

A handsome and majestic figure with authentic Qatari Arab features. Proficient in combat, horse riding, and poetry.

Possesses sharp vision and keen intelligence. This character symbolizes the ruling prince and his wise leadership.

     Glory (Majd)     

Glory (Majd)

A beautiful and captivating young woman, radiating elegance and charm.

Exudes dignity and nobility. Represents the spirit and conscience of the people.



Symbolizes the land, encompassing plains, seas, deserts, and oases.

The Four Knights

The Four Knights

Chiefs of their respective tribes, each representing a color of the Qatari flag (white and maroon), carrying symbolic meanings of noble ideals.



Represents enemies and adversaries who attack and besiege the nation and its people. Initially an enemy of Glory, she later falls in love with the Knight. Personifies cunning and deception to achieve her goals.



Brother of Anwa', an intelligent man who seeks to exploit his sister to persuade Glory to marry him. Aims to acquire her wealth and control her decisions.

The Performance Troupe

Symbolizes the cultural expression of the tribes through joyful dance routines. Comprising

45 male and female dancers, they portray various movements reflecting heritage

and cultural diversity.


Katara Cultural Village Doha, Qatar

 Accommodating up to 5000 spectators, it affords stellar views of the sea on one side and the cultural village on the other. The Force of Nature, an art installation depicting Mother Nature hurtling the world with a piece of cloth, stands between the Amphitheatre and the water, showing humanity’s powerlessness in the face of nature. 



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